All we need is #you. :)


#Raisethebardallas is a local grassroots initiative, meaning its success - our success - relies entirely on the action of passionate Dallasites who read this page.

That's #you. :)

Beginning in Spring '17, our campaign will be launching across Dallas, TX, on a mission to foster a culture of sustainable resource recovery practices in local bars & restaurants, beginning with glass bottle recycling.

The big idea is that, together, we can encourage establishments to embrace responsible recovery practices by creating a demand for them, which (like most social change) can be accomplished through education & awareness.

Call it "people power" or "consumer power"... just be sure to call it. :D

If you're interested in helping us, joining us, or learning more, please don't hesitate to contact us at

It would be our pleasure to talk with you about our campaign and/or the issue of glass recycling in Dallas.

Together we can make real, positive change in this city!

In the meantime, remember... if the bartender isn't recycling, neither are you!